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Field operations & simple data collection solutions for your oilfield operations.


Mobile Data Collection

Create custom forms for in-field data capture.

Deploy digital forms to support in-field inspections and maintenance on your wells, pipelines, storage tanks, mud pumps, fleet vehicles, and more. Attach photos and video along with detailed inspection data to create a comprehensive historical record of asset condition and completed repairs.

Know what's happening.

Work from anywhere.

Performing maintenance on a remote oil well? No problem. Collect inspection data in disconnected environments using Lightship mobile technology.


Save time on data entry

Streamlined forms minimize errors during data capture, reducing risk of data loss and eliminating time spent on data entry.


Standardize your data.

Intelligent form fields eliminate error-prone paper processes and ensure consistent, accurate data.


Respond faster.

Real-time data access between the field and the office ensures that management can make time-sensitive decisions without any delay.

Project Management

Manage your assets, tasks, and workflows in a streamlined project dashboard.

Lightship lets you visualize all of your important oilfield data in a single, map-based dashboard view. Watch in real-time as inspection crews submit field observations from a well site and assign maintenance tasks to the appropriate individuals or teams. Completed work is documented and attached directly to the asset on the map, leaving behind a perfect history of events for future reporting.


Organized documents, events, & tasks.

Any additional project information (documents, photos, invoices etc) can be stored in Lightship, ensuring that all relevant information lives in one easily accessible place.


Simple project reporting.

Projects can be summarized with interactive reports, allowing you to ask questions and get answers from your data instantly.


Support your asset integrity management plan.

Important data is well-structured and accessible, allowing operators to identify issues and improve the safety, regulatory compliance, and efficiency of your assets.

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Oil Rig Safety.

Conduct thorough safety & maintenance inspection on your oil rig.

Mud pumps.

Create inspection records for your oil rig mud pumps.

Storage tanks.

Inspect tanks for corrosion, leaks, damage.

Oil & Gas Scouting.

Plot locations and take notes on new wells and pipelines.

Contractor construction reports.

Create daily reports on construction progress.

Equipment inventory.

Track location and condition of vehicles.

Fleet maintenance records.

Keep track of mileage and maintenance to your fleet vehicles.

Learn how Lightship can work for you.

Lightship’s flexible platform allows you to build any data collection form you can imagine. Get in touch with us and learn how we could create something to meet your needs.

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