Transform the way you get work done.

Lightship automates complex work, with seamless hand-off between people and automated processes across every area of your business: field, facility, and office.

Do work across work types, connect your enterprise systems, eliminate legacy tech, and fill gaps—with full intelligence, audit, and reporting.


Automate work across your organization

Lightship is a complete platform to automate any process and get work done.

Use it everywhere, eliminating silos.

Replace legacy applications (if you want).

Enjoy our intuitive,
drag-and-drop interface.

Automate doing work and workflow across your company.

Don’t you need a solution for all the work you have, not just a small bit?

Most automation solutions are narrow, designed to address one type of work or simple, repetitive processes in one department. Lightship can automate throughout your entire business, no matter the work type. Start wherever you want and grow from there.

Get an automation platform that serves everyone

Free your business from legacy software and systems.

Do you find yourself tied to aging, yet mission-critical, applications?

Lightship can replace legacy software, systems, and databases with a brand-new, single application that has the same capabilities—but with a modern, easy-to-use interface.

  • Rebuild your legacy applications as Lightship blocks (we’ll help!)
  • Integrate and share data that used to be siloed, or expensive to extract
  • Enable automation across every organizational workflow
  • Reduce your dependency on vendors and support contracts
  • Consolidate and eliminate costly software licences
  • Stop worrying about updates and patches for legacy systems

Build workflows easily, with a drag-and-drop interface.

Do you worry that automation might be tough to implement?

Lightship gives everyone in your business the power to automate their work, with pre-designed “blocks” for each action that makes up work, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Integrate data from systems, databases, and IoT sensors
  • Capture data and complete work with smartphones
  • Allocate tasks to anyone in your organization
  • Integrate with enterprise systems for ERP, accounting, and more
  • Leverage external tools like Google Translate and AWS Textract
  • Add signatures, photos, text, and other media
  • Enable triggers, add logic gates, and set parameters
  • Manipulate, test, and bump-up data
  • Produce reports and summaries

Help people be more productive than ever.

Imagine what your team will be able to accomplish when they can seamlessly hand off tasks to an unlimited number of automated helpers.

Use powerful, intuitive web and mobile apps to do work.

Free up key people to do what they're best at.

Start fast, with clear pricing and minimal IT.

Get your teams using powerful, intuitive web and mobile applications to oversee and do work.

Lightship’s dashboards clearly organize and prioritize work, and enable easy oversight of progress (for people and automations).

Get into the field with mobile apps that make it easy to complete tasks, then trigger hand-offs to automations.

Fully integrated communication, notification, and exception handling keeps everyone informed of what’s important.

  • Give each person a dashboard to track workload and priorities
  • Automatically get key information and background for every task
  • Easily scan bar codes, enter data, take photos, sign-off, upload documents
  • Automations enable hand-offs and mandate standard practices
  • Enable check-ins, location sharing, and distress alarms
  • Do it all, on-the-go or in the field, with or without connectivity
  • Use the iOS and Android devices you already have

Free up key people to do what they're best at.

Are your people overloaded with work that humans don’t need to be doing?

With Lightship automating standard and extraordinary procedures, performing tasks, maintaining records, and reporting, your key people can focus on and accomplish more high-value work—while improving delivery.

  • Replace paper-based tasks with automatic digital processes
  • Eliminate time-consuming, back-and-forth exchanges
  • Trigger workflows for incidents and exceptions
  • Achieve regulatory and compliance demands on autopilot
  • Save thousands of overtime hours and reduce operational costs
  • Free your team to perform more important, revenue-generating work

Enjoy easy onboarding, and simple, all-you-can-eat pricing.

Start using Lightship within days, as we work with you to configure automations and interfaces.

No third-party consultants and no setup fees. Just start using!

  • Start using Lightship within days—not months, or years
  • Avoid any new IT burden for your organization
  • Use our high-touch customer success team to make sure it works for you
  • Enjoy a predictable, SaaS-style subscription cost
  • Focus on getting work done, not maintaining or configuring the technology!

Are you ready to discover how much more your business could achieve?

It’s easy to get started.

Just book a product demo. We’ll show you what’s possible and discuss how it would apply within your business.

If you’d like to go further, we’ll arrange a no-cost proof of concept for one of your processes. When you’re ready, we’ll explore a wider rollout.

We’re ready to help, every step of the way.